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Joy Exists

Judy Hennessy, LCSW, Mental Health Therapy

Whatever you can do, or dream, you can. Begin it!
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it

Joy Exists, Judy Hennessy, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A Path Forward

A Path Forward

There is a path that can lead you forward. There is a method to solve problems...

There is a path that can lead you forward. There is a method to solve problems in your life that keep you preoccupied. Thoughts of being disconnected or misunderstood can transition to feeling confident and effective. You can choose friendships and partnerships that are supportive. When was the last time you experienced Joy in your life?


Wherever you direct your thought energy, you create life there.


Do you want your relationships to be different? You are not alone. The number one thing we all want in life is love and belonging.


We all strive to be heard and understood; to feel connected and energetic. We want to be in touch with our genuine self and relate to others and in turn feel acknowledged and accepted.


Feelings of sadness, depression, worry and anxiety leave us drained with no ability to concentrate. There are ways to address these concerns.

Learn how to focus your energy and create the life and goals you want. Whether you want to discuss a specific issue or would like to address more comprehensive changes in your life, I am trained to offer guidance and support utilizing mental health solutions and effective integrative health interventions.

Together we will create your individual treatment plan and goals.



An LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, provides mental health evaluations, diagnosis, and is trained in numerous modalities of treatment and interventions such as CBT, DBT, Motivational, Couples and Family Therapy, Solution Focused, Trauma Informed.

The integrative approach I use includes the following: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual aspects of the person. It is a client centered model with the goal of promoting optimal health and wellness of body and mind.  As we are learning, all thoughts and feelings are reflected in the body and can lead to chronic illness.

Working with clients on their anxiety and depression is an essential part of treatment.


Relationships are the fundamental touchstone quality of our lives. We are constantly in a relationship with someone: our partner, children, extended families, co-workers, bosses, friends, neighbors, schools, community.

We have five needs built into our genetic structure: love and belonging, power/self-worth, freedom, fun and recreation, and security.  When we feel our needs are met we reach a high level of happiness.


Reality Therapy uses a basic system: Exploration of Wants, Discussion of Doing, and Client Self Evaluation, and creating a Plan.


I hold a certification in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory and can guide and assist you in ways to improve your relationships and the quality of your life.


Couples Counseling, 
Co Parenting
, Family
, school and work related issues.

It is what you choose to do in a relationship,

not what others choose to do, that is the heart of reality therapy.
Robert E. Wubbolding & John Brickell, Reality Therapy Counseling


Children are the most precious gift we receive. 


Today many children feel that they are living at the end of things; safety, family, the earth, environment – this is what they hear and see in school, on TV, the news, conversations with adults and friends.  Even their I-phone, I-pad computer games endorse this. Who can play the game the fastest, destroy or conquer, be perfect.  And by the way, as adults we are also under
this same stress producing anxiety.


Conscious parenting can be an awakening to help stop toxic patterns and create authentic connections with our children.  Too often we feel we must fix our kids, or they must be perfect or measure up to what we envision them to be.


I work with parents and children to help strengthen relationships by self-evaluation, increasing insight, acceptance, and improving communication. 

Children who feel self-empowered are confident and joyful!


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma are not physical diseases nor are they mental illnesses. They are an Integrative Disorder which is best treated by addressing the well being of the physical, emotional and mental states. They impact body, mind and spirit. We know trauma is the underlying cause of depression, anxiety disorders and behavioral issues and it can be found at the heart of most mental health conditions. I believe you can heal by telling your story and clearing your trauma.

Polish your diamond!

Reconnect to the present moment, to others, and let go of anger, fear and sadness. These feelings may satisfy your emotions but they will never satisfy your heart. 

Experience the empowerment of understanding your physical and mental responses. Our brain is influenced by these memories.

EMDR is a very powerful tool to access this memory content
 and will assist you to re-frame and transform thoughts and emotions.

Seniors and Older Adults

At each stage of our lives we are asked to meet certain challenges. As Seniors these challenges can seem overwhelming. Though equipped with so much wisdom and life experiences, the rapidly changing contemporary world can present obstacles not planned for or anticipated. Health care issues, insurance cost and other financial concerns can feel overpowering.


As a psychotherapist I know that feelings of anxiety can impact health and well-being. My approach is to assist you to address your concerns. I also help you to reflect on your life, evaluate what is important to you, explore the possibilities and create a plan.


As an Integrative Health Healer I introduce mindfulness practice, meditation, visualization, and interventions that will calm anxiety and promote harmony. I will guide you to initiate healthy activities which will improve your wellness and quality of life.

Beautiful young people are gifts of nature.
But beautiful old people are works of art.

adapted from Eleanor Roosevelt

Hours & Fees

My practice is client-centered. I will assist you to identify your needs and together create a treatment plan to achieve your objectives and goals.  


Individual therapy: $125 for 50 minute session

Couples/family therapy: $150 for 50 min. session; $175 for 80 min session

I  accept most commercial insurances and Medicaid and Medicare. Sliding scale available


Hours:   Monday – Friday     12pm – 6 pm      •     Sat/Sun by special appointment


About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, and provide therapy using a variety of methods. Mental health is an ever changing and dynamic field of study. I am trained in EMDR, Reality therapy Choice Theory, CBT, and DBT, as well as Trauma Informed Care, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine, and Addiction.


For some time now I have studied mental health from the prospective of healing the total person and completed a Masters in Integrative Health & Healing , The Graduate Institute, in 2018.  I offer personalized care from various scientific disciplines which improve well-being and mental health.


What has become clear to me is our health and wellness, our vibrancy of life is not dependent on one thing. We become healthy when we align all the important parts of our being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Judy Hennessy photo

“I believe life is about striving, flexibility and meeting ever-present challenges. It is not about what happens to you, it is about discovering your strengths and what you do to bring about change in your life.”

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