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We Need Mental Health Therapy Today More Than Ever Before

Throughout generations there has always been crisis or threat to our mental and physical health which impacts one of our five basic needs as humans: love and belonging, power, freedom, fun and recreation, and security. But when in history have we experienced so many concerns to all five basic needs at once. Today as a society we are in a fear driven and anxiety state.

Therapy can help us find and use our own internal compass in this ever changing and challenging time. The goals of therapy are true for everyone. They represent benchmarks that reflect our ability to cope and stay on our path. They help us discover our authentic self.

As a result we have increased self-acceptance, self-knowledge and self-awareness. In turn

we are better equipped to navigate through situations presented to us in a way which not only benefits us, it also improves the quality of our relationships, and we experience increased positive regard and consideration for others.

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