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What We Want Most

Relationships! It is said our birth is our first introduction to fear and as an infant, seeing our parents for the first time is our initial connection to feelings of love and belonging.

At the newborn stage we need consistency, dependency, the feeling of connectedness,

and trust that this relationship is built on solid ground. These experiences are stored as memories in our memory neural network. The memories will follow us throughout our life both the positive and negative along with the emotions, feelings, and thoughts these memories created.

When we self evaluate, most of us have memories stored that create a conflict in our perception. This thought and behavior is most often unconscious and adversely effects our relationships at any age. We can act out our unmet needs from childhood through our adult partner relationships.

As adults we need to be able to express our needs, emotions , feelings and experience connection to others. This creates a sense of safety, respect, and validates our presence and sense of being heard.

To improve the quality of your relationships reflect on the past, process and move on. Evaluate present relationships and ask questions such as who am I, where do I come from, and where am I going. By doing this we can return to the feeling of what is permanent to guide our future relationships. The sense of love.

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